The changed girl

He was sitting outside the hostel
campus and talking with his friends at evening..There were only a few girls out because they weren’t allowed to go outside after 6 pm..Whereas guys, well!! has everyone ever managed to impose any restrictions on them..? A sudden uproar and hooting of guys caught his attention and he looked around to find the cause and he found it. A girl was climbing from other side of main gate..not paying attention to any hooting or cat calling she jumped over, stood upright and when he saw her face, he frizzed on spot. It was his ex girlfriend, he wondered when that meek and coward girl transformed in such a confident and rebellious woman..She looked at him, but something was different. Her eyes no longer had that hurt feeling which used to be there every time she faced him. She gracefully walked away.. Whereas he was thinking about their breakup when he told her that he couldn’t be
with a typical girl like him..He needed someone who was more fun and confident. That night when he walked in mess he heard some guys whispering ” Man! who was she.. what a girl.. “he felt jealous and possessive, he wanted her back..She picked up her phone and heard his voice as he said ” baby i am sorry. i need you back.” “sorry.. but who is this..?” she replied. He was taken aback.. “You can forget my number but i am pretty sure you can’t forget my voice baby.” he pleaded. “First thing, i am not yours or anyone’s baby anymore. I am someone who is mature and can live by myself. i don’t need you anymore.” and she cut the call and smiled to herself. :’)
The breakup had changed her and she was happy about it.

Its copied but some where it explains my story very well

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3 thoughts on “The changed girl

  1. Nice story Rapunzalr. Your stories, are short and straight to the point, something that saves me hours of reading novels. Keep it up. You might want to check out,, a website where you can get to showcase yourstories and share them in your community of friends. Have fun and I look forward to reading more of your interesting stories.


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