​Attachments bring disappointments 

Always see who you are trusting
With your friendship

Giving them power to ruin you
With your love

Giving them power to destroy you
With your emotions 

Givings them power to leave you scarred forever
With your secrets 

Giving them power to overpower you
With your tears

Giving them power to hurt you
With your smile

Giving them power to make your day
With your dreams

Giving them power to break it anytime 
With your mornings 

Giving them power to rule your day ahead
With your nights

Giving them power to leave you sleepless 
With your thoughts

Giving them power to stay in your mind
With your heart

Giving them power to break it at their convenience 
With your soul

Giving them power to be your soul mate.
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Hi pretty girls and handsome boys. Here,  I come with another post. This time with a recent personal experience. 
If you are in a relationship who should you believe your partner or the people who are trying to desperately break you apart? 
I know most of you are going to say, your partner, of course. How childish question you asked,  clumsymind? 
Well, before being angry on me, ask this to yourself sincerely, for once. Ask yourself, if a random guy comes to you and tell you that your gal cheated on you. What will you do? Will you believe him?  Or you are going to ask your girl about what he said? 
Here again, most of you will answer, you will ask your partner first. 
Now, give me honor to bring you to the reality, my dear. Why are you asking your partner about that? Just because a random guy on street planted a seed of mistrust in your blooming relationship and you let it grow by giving your precious time thinking about it. 
Don’t be with anyone, if you don’t trust them. Broken trust hurts more than broken bones. 
Love you all the dear people who take out time for theirbusy schedule to read this.