We met

‚ÄčThe river slithers under cloudy sky

Serenity so calm, but time did pry

They met, they shaped the perfect beauty

Fates clashed under line of duty

So enchanting and so full of life

Angles allured, devils in strife

The time was up, they said goodbyes

River, it flows where ocean lies
The clouds move east

The river went west

So glad they met

Too alive to rest.

This poem is written by a dear friend. His username is Vortex7. 


Does it mean…..

People around me, call me CHOOSY.
They say i am not a person who can live normally. I am overly sensitive and lot of other stuff.
If not liking coriander is choosy. Then I am choosy. In addition to it, I also dont like rice, groundnut, cheese, cabbage, cauliflower, tomatos and pickle. Only not eating coriander is choosy but not eating all the above food stuff mekes me more than choosy, people. I like food and i am foody type of girl. A dish full of spices and a dish deprived of every spice it hate these both.

I cant cook and not even like it. Does it make me less of a girl? Am i supposed to be just in the boundaries of kitchen.

I wear what i like. A dress exposing too much skin is not of my type. I am more of a jeans and t-shirt type of person. Does it make my dressing sense a terrible one?

I usually do not speak much. I prefer being quiet when i am in a gang. But i always open my heart to my friend. They never complain against my lack of speech. Does it means i have an attitude issue?

I welcome those who are close to me. I never miss a chance to be with them. I call them first and always my message initiate conversations. When i am with unknown i am unable to start conversation with them. If they start it by themselves i am unable to carry that conversation for too long. Does this make me introvert?

I always reply to greeting sent to me. Smile never leaves my lips, whatever is going on in my life. But i am too busy with my work sometimes i am not able to pay attention to my surroundings and people. Does this means i have an ego issue?

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