We met

​The river slithers under cloudy sky

Serenity so calm, but time did pry

They met, they shaped the perfect beauty

Fates clashed under line of duty

So enchanting and so full of life

Angles allured, devils in strife

The time was up, they said goodbyes

River, it flows where ocean lies
The clouds move east

The river went west

So glad they met

Too alive to rest.

This poem is written by a dear friend. His username is Vortex7. 


Life is a sea

Life is a sea

Drowning us like bee
Quit or swim

Make your decision firm
A ray of hope is just like a boat

Keeps us alive and makes us float
Hurdles are salty water

We are surrounded by it but cann’t drink 
Head held high towards the sky

Open wings and try to fly
Dreams are life boat

Makes us euphoric or brings drought
Make sure you survive

Cross it alive.


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Loads of love


Dark Side Of Me 

​That deepest secret of mine

Those buried grieves of mine

Those jealousy feelings

That over flooded mind

Shows the dark side of me

A fake smile

A hidden tear

A bubbly nature

A lovely gossip

Hide that dark side of mine

Those lonely moments

Those endless disappointments

Those depressed nights

Those suffocating days

Are reasons for dark side of mine

Dark side

Dark life

Dark me

Darkest you


​A free space 

An open mind

Few blank pages

And a pen to write

Thats all I need 

To make my world bright
A genuine smile

A caring heart

Non judging nature

And a mind full of flights

Thats all I need

To let you enter my insight 
A white canvas

Some mixed colours

A peaceful scene

And a brush to draw

That all I need

To make my world upright
A bunch of fallen leaves

Underneath A thick tree

An ocean’s wave

Hitting sand free

Thats all I need

In front of my home in midnight. 

You can check my other short poems on wattpad too. My user name is clumsymind9 and my poetry collection is called One Step Deeper. 

Its okay

Its okay to cry 

And leave everything behind

Its okay to lie

And save someone’s life
Its okay to fall 

And rise strongly again

Its okay to stumble

And correct yourself later 
Its okay to lose

And fight harder next time

Its okay to be weak

And constantly try to strengthen up
Its okay to get trust broken 

And opening your heart again

Its okay to be scared 

And not stoping until you get what you want
Its okay to do everything 

Till you are living and breathing. 

Its not in rhyme but its okay to write when you feel heart broken. 


Long lost friend of mine

​You were my sun shine

You are long lost friend of mine
My life without you

Its colourless and hollow

Something is just not so fine

You are long lost friend of mine
Did I mention 

Your smile is devine

You were a diamond

That never lost its shine

You are long lost friend of mine
You were my guide

Who showed me path to life

Guided me in thicks and thins

You held me together when i cried

You are long lost friend of mine

You were my hideout 

When i wanted to run

You were my life

My last hope to survive

You are long lost friend of mine


Dedicated to all the friends i had and still have in my life. 

Life And Dreams

Let me live
Let me dream

I want to achieve
I want to dream high
Don’t cut my wings
I am trying to fly

I want to breathe
Can you please teach
Way of life to drive
And a hint for me to survive

I want to reach
Those untouched destiny’s peak
Guide me in the dark
Through blunt and sharp

Let me live
Let me dream