Dark Side Of Me 

‚ÄčThat deepest secret of mine

Those buried grieves of mine

Those jealousy feelings

That over flooded mind

Shows the dark side of me

A fake smile

A hidden tear

A bubbly nature

A lovely gossip

Hide that dark side of mine

Those lonely moments

Those endless disappointments

Those depressed nights

Those suffocating days

Are reasons for dark side of mine

Dark side

Dark life

Dark me

Darkest you


you and me

That cold breeze hits on me
Bring me down to shiver
Be my savior
Do me a favor
U can be my sunshine
My only ray of hope
Just like falling rain
Make everything look more clear
Be my savior
Do me a favor
This coldness of yours
Cut me down through my bones
Can you be my last piece of wood
Give me light and heat to carry my life
Be my savior
Do me a favor
Everything fall apart
Even the leaves leaves tree alone
Be my company then
Be my only hearer
Be my savior
Do me a favor
When i turn into ashes and fly here and there
Like whole earth is burned by sun in summer
Be my shady shelter
Be my cold water to do me some favor
Be my savior
Do me a favor