Life is a sea

Life is a sea

Drowning us like bee
Quit or swim

Make your decision firm
A ray of hope is just like a boat

Keeps us alive and makes us float
Hurdles are salty water

We are surrounded by it but cann’t drink 
Head held high towards the sky

Open wings and try to fly
Dreams are life boat

Makes us euphoric or brings drought
Make sure you survive

Cross it alive.


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Loads of love



Dark Side Of Me 

​That deepest secret of mine

Those buried grieves of mine

Those jealousy feelings

That over flooded mind

Shows the dark side of me

A fake smile

A hidden tear

A bubbly nature

A lovely gossip

Hide that dark side of mine

Those lonely moments

Those endless disappointments

Those depressed nights

Those suffocating days

Are reasons for dark side of mine

Dark side

Dark life

Dark me

Darkest you


​Attachments bring disappointments 

Always see who you are trusting
With your friendship

Giving them power to ruin you
With your love

Giving them power to destroy you
With your emotions 

Givings them power to leave you scarred forever
With your secrets 

Giving them power to overpower you
With your tears

Giving them power to hurt you
With your smile

Giving them power to make your day
With your dreams

Giving them power to break it anytime 
With your mornings 

Giving them power to rule your day ahead
With your nights

Giving them power to leave you sleepless 
With your thoughts

Giving them power to stay in your mind
With your heart

Giving them power to break it at their convenience 
With your soul

Giving them power to be your soul mate.
Check out my poetry collection on wattpad. It is called ONE STEP DEEPER. 


New begining

Today i am promising myself that I will respect myself. No more crying over a guy like you. You never deserved me.
3 years ago when i had my first breakup you told me he was an asshole. He never deserved me. I was a kid at that time i know this. Still i handled well. At age of 20 what maturity can you expect from a girl who never lived without her parents. You showed your sympanthy then. Came to me as a friend. Continued this friendship for 2 long years before  proposing me. You told me to trust you. You said you are different. You said you will never leave me alone. You wanted me to laugh as much i can when i am with you. Little did you know, you always made me cry. Not even single night of mine was without tears from last one year. I asked myself why i am with you. I got myself today. To make myself suffer. I started hating myself when my first boyfriend cheated on me. To take this suffering to maximum level i said yes to you. But i am tired. I am of pretending that i am fine. My swollen eyes now hurt more that ever. You were never right guy for me. I know this from begining. Today i accepted it well. It was nice to be with you. I got what i wanted from this relation. Now i want to live again with myself and with all those friends whom i left for you.
Bye-bye old life.
Its time to begin again.

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Just Do It

Do Do Do
Whatever you want to….

Its rightly said, do whatever you want to do. The enjoyment we feel while doing it, can never be felt in somethingelse. When we like doing something, we put our every possible effort to finish it. To a bigger surprise, we even finish it and too before time. Actually we never notice time while doing it. Example: If like studying i can continue it without fatique till I end my book.
*Oops studying here means reading novels. Please dont get confused. No one enjoy studying if you are a student except book nerds.  OR I can write whole day or night or month or year if i like writing.
Once we involve in our likings time never matters to us. Time is just a number then. 

On other hand, if we have to do something which we dont like to do (such incidence never happens by choice) we always keep staring at clock for time to end. Example: Me and cooking. I dont hate it but it just that we are not made for eachother. Every second seems like a thousand years. We loose all our ability to concentrate. 

“Stop being a looser and start living” my new promise to myself.

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