​     You were mourning over a heart break and then come a guy in your life, who says- “I am not like rest. You can’t blame every male because one male broke your heart.”

You ask him “It is exactly what he said to me. How can I trust you?”

He replies-“I can show you. Give me a chance.”

You deny him of that chance scared of one more heart break. He begs you like crazy. Finally you start thinking that he is really different and give him chance as he deserves it. You accept your relationship with him. he acts like all loving and caring in the starting. You start feeling blessed with him at your side.

Then one day, he changes, not completely only slightly. Those slight changes add up and one day you realise the person standing in front of you is a completely different person from the one you loved.

He makes you cry initially for him and later because of him. Once a caring guy, is not afraid to scold you on nothing in the public. The guy who loved you once, now never leaves a chance to show his hate towards you. The guy who said he will never let you cry once, is the reason why you are crying now. He makes fun of you because tears spill from your eyes when he hurts you.

One day you decide, it is enough and now it is time to let go of everything that has been hurting you. You start ignoring his remarks which makes you unhappy. 
He try harder to make you feel bad. You ignore him hardest. Finally, you decide to part your ways from him and he suddenly realises he loves you. He starts crying in public over your ignorance.
Do you think he deserves another chance?


In my opinion it is a NO. Just because he cried once in public doesn’t means he loves or he is going to treat you any better. He is not back because he feels sorry for the things he have done. He is back because he is not done hurting you. Give him one more chance and he will show his true colours to you.




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