Predator Eyes

​It was a fine day neither too hot nor too cold. The sun was shining brightly, giving light to all the darkest corners of world. She opened her eyes and a smile covered her lips almost instantaneously at the site in front of her eyes. She went to bathroom, to take care of her morning routine and got ready. She wore a beautiful green top having deep neck with blue denims. Before leaving home, she took her jacket with her, in case it gets cold in the evening.
She boarded her train from her usual station. The bright day was doing a great job in lightening her mood up. She got into train and put her hand into her bag, to take out her headphones and mobile. She plugged her headphones into her ears and pressed play for her favourite play list. She was standing in a corner of the car away from the eyes of people in the train.
She looked up from her phone and found a guy staring directly at her. She ignored him and went back to listening her songs. After some time, she again observed him starting at her. This time a feeling of being uncomfortable started making its way into her mind. She pretended to ignore him again. Few minutes have been passed and the guy whose was previously staring at her face shifted his gaze from her face to her chest. Observing this, she grew more uncomfortable and wore the jacket she bought to prevent herself from cold. She folded her arms in front of her chest to hide it.
She lowered her gaze to the floor of train. After few more minutes, she saw he was still staring at the same place. She tried to pull her top’s neck upwards covering more and more of her skin and approximated the end of her jacket to zip it up. Feeling relaxed as she covered all her visible skin, she looked up at the guy who was now standing closer to her than before.
She was trying to calm herself down and ignoring the guy who was ready to rip her flesh from her. She took a deep breath and get down from the train at next station knowing that it was not the station she was planning to go.


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