First journey’s end.

Today i finished my first story Never Mine on wattpad. Below are few etracts from it which every girl thinks and go through at some point of time in their life.
It is for you princess who silently reads my posts.

1)I don’t want to die so soon. I want to live little longer to see everything falling into its place for once. I know no one can save me, I have known it since the beginning. You know, how difficult is it for me to hide all this from everyone around me. I was completely broken long ago, only this I was doing this whole time was to hide my pieces from everyone. It is final call for me.”

2)I don’t know if life is unfair to everyone or it has something special against me, personally. All I know is that I wanted to live normally, as normal people do for whole of my life. What I got in return was betrayal, disappointment rejection, deceiving and loneliness. I loved my parents and they were murdered. I loved Tyler and he rejected me. I trusted Harris and he broke my trust. Jac is my best friend and she was holding secrets from me. I am done with this world. I want to close my eyes soon so don’t have to see this misery anymore.”

I was away from blogging for a while. Now, I am back with more of girly facts and writing.

Saying Hi to everyone. I know you missed me. I missed you all too.

Time for chit chat. Fell free to leave your doubts here.


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