I am an average gal, with average looks,   average intelligence, average potential, average ability, average aim, average motivation and average life. Evrything about me is average.

You can find so many gals out there good looking and beautiful then me. As i already stated i have average looks. I am satified with my looks as i get them from my mother.

You can find so many people who are much more intelligent then me. As i already stated i have an average intelligence. My mother taught me how to read. My first read alphabet was dedicated to my mom. I am still happy with my intelligency without envying others as ny mother gifted me this.

So many people are there who are much more hard working then me. As i already stated i have an average ability. I don’t give up too early neither i hold on to the things too long. My mother taught me lessons of my life. She taught me when to hold tightly and when to give up.

Everyone around me seems to have more potential then I do. Some times I fail a test because i can’t potentially remember what i read. But the lessons of life told by my mother is heartly remembered by me.

So many people around me aims higher than i do. As i already stated I am an average aim person. Someone is aiming to rule the country. For me, I only want to rule my mother’s heart. My aim in life is to make her happy.

I get disappointed easily. My motivation seems to suffer a lot. I see people who are always motivated. I even don’t mind this too as i already state I have an average motivation. My mother believed in me when this whole world was blaming me for my failures. She motivated me to work hard and get what i want.

Many people out there live better life than me. I am not at all jealous of them as i already stated I am having an average life. This is the life my mother taught me to live.

I help people and often get into trouble while helping them. I do good to people but never get appreciated. I am not complaining. I am not asking for appreciation.  I was told to help needy with expecting anything in return from them.

That’s how my mother raise me. She sacrificed so much for me. I sacrificed her sleep when i was in school and i had habbit of studying in night. Every night she woke up in night only to make something for me so that i study and sleep full stomach.

I can’t even get everything she did for me into words.

I love you mom.

Happy Mother’s Day.

Happy Your’s Day.


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