Am I normal?

Most of the times people around me ask- Are you normal kiddo?

Before answering this question I, happily want to clarify that doubt for yours. I am no longer a kid..

Now coming to answer, Yes I am perfectly absolutely and clearly as normal as you. Only difference between us is that i have my own ways of life.

I am girl who believe in living and that too in not so girly ways. I still like teddy bear. I once loved pink. Now i perfer dark colour. Its my personal choice to wear colours according to my well wish. You people out there yes you all. You are no one to narrate me how i should live?

Yes, i still study to get in post gradution. Afterall one more degree is certainly not going to harm my reputation as girl.

Okay, you all started earning at an age younger than me. I was still studying at that time to clear my university exams. You graduated before me. I opted fpr degree which took more years than yours. Till today i have read books whose weight is more than mine. Believe me i am not nerd. I read all those because those books were necessary to save your life.

Okay, I might get married at an age older than you. But those few years are not going to make me unsuitable for marrige.

I do not love shoping. Infact I hate it and still prefer wearing old clothes or wearing clothes brought by my mother. Hate for shoping does not make me less of a girl.

I can write thousands of words to explain myself but i am not sure to whom i am explaining all this? šŸ™‚


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