I feel trapped inside this body. I want to do so many things in my life. I want to become to writer. I want to become a good doctor. I want to become a human. I want to travel this whole world.

I want to write for myself. I want to write about myself. I want to write how I feel about everything that is happening in my life. I know i feel difficulty expressing myself by speaking. I am always short of words needed for proper expression of my feeling. Writing and expressing themselves a better way for people like me.

I joined this medical line only by chance. I know joining medical line by chance seems weird to everyone. Since childhood, my dream was to join Air Force. I was preparing for it till my father informed me that girls are not eligible for taking Defence exams. Girls are not eligible, why? Only because I am a girl and anatomically I am different from boys. Oh!!!! This anatomical difference matters that much to world. I was disappointed I cried and I started again. My family denied every profession i chose. At last I was left with only one option i.e. joining medical. Everyone interfered in this too. My own father said you will become old by the time you will complete your degree. I am completing my degree and look everyone I am not yet old. I got into this by chance but now i am not ready to quit.

As a human, I don’t say i am perfect. I help those who need my help. Often people forget to thank me for my help. I do not mind it as i did my job. I believe in the concept of mother Earth. Division of land by boundaries, civilization by culture, people by colour is something beyond my understanding.

I want to travel this world. As a girl I am not allowed to do that alone too.

Girl!Girl!Girl! This is where i am trapped. I want to fly high and away where this word girl is no longer audible to me.


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