Love verses oxygen.

What’s more important to survive on mother Earth. Is it love or is it oxygen?

Love nourishes your thoughts and soul. It help you face difficult situations in life. It makes you emotionally strong. Only thinking about your loved one refreshes you.

Oxygen nourishes your body. It help you stay alive. It reaches to every cell in the body and let them live to maintain their function. Try breathing some other gas you will start feeling dizzy.

Love help to keep going. Oxygen let you keep going. Love makes you feel alive. Oxygen keeps you alive. Love is subjective. Oxygen is objective.

People say they can’t live without love. I am saying try living without oxgen.

I can endlessly debate on worth of oxygen but i fall short of words when it comes to love.

To me oxygen is more important. I know it. I felt it. I observed it. I learnt it.
I want to know how many other people thinks like me.

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2 thoughts on “Love verses oxygen.

  1. U can’t compare two opposite things… Its as if who comes first water or thirst… Offcourse thirst comes first as its feeling and water is necesity.. Same way love is d essence of life while oxygen is necesity.. A comatose patient is breathing oxygen but he cant feel love… Whats d use of oxygen to him then?? Both of these r complementary to each other.. So one should not prioritise which is better or necessary as oxygen is necessary for that comatose person because he wil live and his family’s love for him wont die… Hence both r complementary love and oxygen…

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