New begining

Today i am promising myself that I will respect myself. No more crying over a guy like you. You never deserved me.
3 years ago when i had my first breakup you told me he was an asshole. He never deserved me. I was a kid at that time i know this. Still i handled well. At age of 20 what maturity can you expect from a girl who never lived without her parents. You showed your sympanthy then. Came to me as a friend. Continued this friendship for 2 long years before  proposing me. You told me to trust you. You said you are different. You said you will never leave me alone. You wanted me to laugh as much i can when i am with you. Little did you know, you always made me cry. Not even single night of mine was without tears from last one year. I asked myself why i am with you. I got myself today. To make myself suffer. I started hating myself when my first boyfriend cheated on me. To take this suffering to maximum level i said yes to you. But i am tired. I am of pretending that i am fine. My swollen eyes now hurt more that ever. You were never right guy for me. I know this from begining. Today i accepted it well. It was nice to be with you. I got what i wanted from this relation. Now i want to live again with myself and with all those friends whom i left for you.
Bye-bye old life.
Its time to begin again.

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2 thoughts on “New begining

  1. Beautifully put into words! I’ve written few poems about love and break ups. I hope you get to read them and tell me what you think. English is not my language but I aim to be better at writing in english 🙂


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