A wish from heart

Today is your birthday. Today is one of most important days to me in my calander. I remembered clearly you joined my school when we were in 9th class. I am sorry that I forgot how we first interacted with each other!! Your tall physique as girl was hard to ignore for me. Somehow we talked little. Then we talked more and more and more. Talking to you was a routine part of my life then. We became close. Over the time we turned out to be best friends.

You were always there when i needed you. You were always there when i don’t needed you. You saw my transformation phage. My teenage and most rebellious phage of my life. Your heart and ears were always open for hearing all those conflicts of me with my parents and even with my other friends.

We some times argued with eachother and many a times we fought with each other too but you always ended those riots and made me calm. You always paid attention to all my stupid ideas and laughed at my silly jokes. We solved maths and physics together. We went to early morning tutions together. We even handled those boring lecture together.

Taking different career parted our ways a little. But you don’t need to stay with someone 24*7 to call them your friend. You were there for me always and you are still here for me. I loved ypur company and now i miss your company.

This is your birthday. I planed to irritate you little on your birthday but you failed my plans. Be ready on your next birthday i am not going to fail again.
For this birthday, May you live long enough to see all your dreams coming true. May all your coming years be filled with all the happiness you ever dreamed of. May love knock at your heart’s door soon. Happy birthday.


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