Leaving serious posts aside lets today just remember about our childhood and about that time when we used to give exams( I am still in that phase of life (: )
In high school every one of us dreams to become some high rank person. We want everyone to talk only about us. We want to do something so different that everyone in our family and neighbourhood will consult only us, when it comes to career. But reality is little different from our dreams.

We get good grades in our high school. Next thing we think is getting into med school. So we choose med school for our senior school education and you know what, thats just starting of a life full of only exams.
We take pre medical entrance exam and clear it with great enthusiasm. We manage to get into good college assuming that I have worked enough till now, it time to enjoy college life. Little did we know, that is end of all joys including enJOY.

Even by stepping into medical college sleep and exams become synonyms. First they ( professors) take pre lecture exam, then end lecture exam, end of week exam, end of month exam…….
Part completion exam, unit completion exam, syllabus completion exam ( only they think syllabus is complete but when you actually study your syllabus, you know they didnt even touched syllabus completely before declaring it complete).

You hear and take so much exam that in night if someone ask you ” what are you dreaming about buddy?” All you can reply is exam.

I seriously dont understand what our education systems want to do to us or want us to learn except exams.

Seriously too much exhusted by exams.

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