Just Do It

Do Do Do
Whatever you want to….

Its rightly said, do whatever you want to do. The enjoyment we feel while doing it, can never be felt in somethingelse. When we like doing something, we put our every possible effort to finish it. To a bigger surprise, we even finish it and too before time. Actually we never notice time while doing it. Example: If like studying i can continue it without fatique till I end my book.
*Oops studying here means reading novels. Please dont get confused. No one enjoy studying if you are a student except book nerds.  OR I can write whole day or night or month or year if i like writing.
Once we involve in our likings time never matters to us. Time is just a number then. 

On other hand, if we have to do something which we dont like to do (such incidence never happens by choice) we always keep staring at clock for time to end. Example: Me and cooking. I dont hate it but it just that we are not made for eachother. Every second seems like a thousand years. We loose all our ability to concentrate. 

“Stop being a looser and start living” my new promise to myself.

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