That one person

He was never with me. He was never mine. He only talked to me when he needed my help. He was stressed so he opened up to me but that too long time ago. Then he found someone for a while. He again forgot me. He again had heart break and approched me again. As a good friend i always did what i could. He never showed any signs of intrest in me. Still i fall for him. Reason, even i dont know myself. I gathered all my courage to confess my feelings. And, he rejected me. It was just a no for him but for me it was end of my life.
  I started my life again pretending to be happy. Pretending to live well. Ignoring him. Deep inside i always knew, i am just pretending. In reality, i always helped him when he needed. I always cared for him. The result was i again fell for him. This time i took time to confess. He rejected me again. Now i am at a point when i dont even have tears left in my eyes to cry. I still loves him.

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