Missing someone, for whom you never mattered is like stabing youself knowing that it will hurt only you. The person who never noticed your importance in past, is going to ignore your presence in future too. While you were crying for him, he might be enjoying with his friends.
      Your world rotated around that one person but for him, you were just another time pass. He might message you now and then and ask you how you are doing  in your life. By sending such texts he wants to know how miserably  your are missing him. Driving pleasure out of someone’s misery is new hobby of people now a days.
     At some point in your life, you want to cry out loud and let  world hear you. But you end up giving on it too and cry yourself silently to sleep.
     Its time for you to start respecting yourself. Lift your head up and move on, best suits you. Its time to let it go forever.
     Its something it want to tell myself and everyone in this world who waste their tears onn someone non deserving.

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