Love stories

Some love stories suits novels and movies better than real life. Today i saw notebook movies for the first time. Although movie realeaased in 2004 and i watched it in 2015.
After watching a great love story i compared it with real life love story. No need to go far. My own love story is not even closer to it. It made me think am i only one whose life is not a fairy tale?

As a kid we grow up listening fairy tales with a prince coming on white horse. We believe in it until our heart is broken badly by someone. All great love stories i know or i have heard of exists only in either books or movies.

I often think why real life love stories are not that lovely as in books or movies.
Answer lies in word “Reality”. There is no happily lived ever afters in real life. Everyday struggles make it difficult to live happily.

And for me either my prince lost his white horse or he lost his way which lead him to me.


One thought on “Love stories

  1. Nice story..”Reality” and “difficulty” and close cousins. However, It’s the difficulties that you go through that make life meaningful when you finally meet your prince. He probably took his horse to a spring so it could have a drink before it leads him to where you are.. Keep waiting patiently…


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