Gender bias

One fine morning, I was feeling very happy. I was at my work place before time. I went in H.O.D.’s office for signing my attendence. As he was not in present there, I came from there and went to my duty’s room.
After some time he called me. I went to his office. He asked me accompany him in O.P.D. I refused him politely as I was posted in other O.P.D. according to my duty roster.
   He scolded me. Insulted me without my fault. I don’t understand why can’t he run his O.P.D. without any female accompanying him. Everyone talk about gender equality. But I want to treat females as human first.
    Thing which make hate me it even more is that if i try to raise my voice against it then its only me who is going to suffer. He can easily blame me for not doing my duties properly. I am dilemma what should i do?


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