Life as a teacher

Today I am feeling at the bottom. I am feeling exhausted mentally and physically. I am feeling irritated and frustated till my soul. All i can see is dark in front of me. I am sure it was my mistake or not but I am feeling guilty. What if you see a person who is not well , who is not breathing or does not have pulse or heart beat? First thing to do is C.P.R. But even after putting all your efforts in C.P.R. what if peraon is not revived? Suddenly room get filled with those loud crying noises. A serious patient’s attendents denied our request to shift him to I.C.U. and after half hour they came running to me that our patient is not moving at all. I ran to him , started C.P.R. and did what i can, to my extreme limits. But i was not able to save him. I am feeling pain. I dont even know how to gather words for explaining what happened at that moment.


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