Untold Princess: Blessing or Curse

This is title of my blog. As i want  to write about how it feels to be a female. I would like to explain it with small fictious story.
No celebrated when i was born. During childhood i was not allowed to play  carefree. Every sentence coming out of my family memebers either started up or ended with you are a girl. But i was not able to understand what they
mean. I only felt bad. My brother who is little elder then me enjoyed various privilages while i was deprived from most of them. I cried for not being treated equally. At that time i thought, may be it was becauae he ia elder then me. Once day when i will grow up my family will start treating me equally too. But that never happened. The things started getting wrose as i grew. While i was in my puberty years they force me to learn household work. My brother was never told so. They told me to learn cooking. While my brother was told only  to eat. I was told to dress up properly. All my favourite dresses were thrown away. I was only given full sleeves dress to wear. Short sleeves and even quater sleeves are banned. I was told that male memeber can hit you anytime  but you cant hit him back as it will hurt his XY ego. I was more sharper then my brother. When it comes to grades i always topped my class. But my grades were never appriciated. My brother who barely managed to pass was given everything he ever asked. I was not allowed to choose my own carrer. I wanted to study bussiness but they forced me to study either science or humanity. But choice was just a showoff i never had any choice but to accept what they wanted. As soon as i completed my schooling they started thier search for good groom. As they wanted to get me married before i can do something in life. I was married to a man who never supported me and my life is all in his hands now.

The problems i explained above via a fictious story are all real which most of us has faced. Being having XX chromosomes makes us inferior (as per them.). Hope you enjoyed it. I have lot more to write but i will do that slowly. I am not anti-social but this inequality to women is just i cant tolerate it. Well i tried explaining title of my blog. 🙂


2 thoughts on “Untold Princess: Blessing or Curse

  1. Actually it not my story. But this story belongs to most of my friends. Their families got them married as they completed their schooling. I felt bad for them. I am still completing my education and most of my friends have kids by now.

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