Its friendship day. I am wishing everyone Happy friendship Day to all my friends who are still with me and to those too who left me in course of journey. Those friends who glued  to me when i was at worst. Those too who help me when i  was depressed. I dont have too much friends. I aaccept it. Some people think its because i dont socalise much. Others say i am too straight forward in speaking. Someothers say i am nit trustworthy. And Blah, blah , blah…….. There are endless other stories other people tell about me. I dont think i should waste my time on explaining them anything. Thats where me being antisocial, not trustworthy and blah blah comes into picture. So its criteria if you sit with a group and bitch about others is what makes you social and friendly. Then believe my i am not of that kind. I dont like talking behind back of people and in same way i cant tolerate others taking behind me. If you have problem with me tell me instead of world and if ypu cant too that . just stay 2000miles away from me.


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